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Auto Electronics Company

Welcome to CarPlayNav, a provider of premium auto electronic solutions and factory upgrades. Our goal is to enhance your driving experience while maintaining your factory functionality while providing good customer service with fast fulfillment times. Our products and services range from replacement parts, upgrades, accessories, diagnostics, and repair. Our primary facility is based in Brampton, Ontario and we are currently serving the North American market with the vision to expand to other countries. Choose us today to elevate Your driving experience.

2013-2022 Ram Truck Classic 8.4 Radio Bezel Upgrade Kit

Factory Upgrades

We are a research and development company that specializes in factory radio upgrades and accessories that are designed to be Plug and Play. We make it easy for you to keep your vehicle’s factory stereo system, without any cutting or splicing. Our products are available for a wide range of makes and models, and our installations are quick, simple, and straightforward. We’re here to help you get the most out of your driving experience, so you can focus on the road ahead.

Diagnostics & Repairs

We offer professional automotive electronic diagnostic and repair service, a cost effective, dealer alternative solution. We can help you with any software/firmware issues, looping, GPS navigation system malfunction, broken connectors, unresponsive or damaged radio screen, and much more. Our team of technicians are dedicated to solving your vehicle’s problems without having to break the bank while keeping your factory original part.

automotive radio and electronic repairs
Factory OE Replacement Parts

OE Replacements

Aside from selling factory upgrades, we offer automotive electronic replacement parts. We carry only genuine OE replacement parts, ensuring our customers receive the quality they pay for. Additionally, we offer replacement LCD screens and digitizers for clients who are inclined to repair their own existing parts.

Recycle Your Parts

With the world becoming more and more eco-friendly, it’s important to find ways to recycle automotive electronic parts. Not only does this help keep harmful materials out of landfills, but it also prevents those materials from entering the environment and harming wildlife. Recycling automotive electronic parts is a simple way to make a big impact on the planet.

If you have automotive electronics you would like to recycle, please contact us here.


Where We Operate From?

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